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To see an agent in a dream
To see an agent in a dream is a symbol of worries. It is possible that you have doubts regarding your business partners. You feel like they haven’t been honest with you for a while. The biggest problem is that you don’t have any evidence to accuse them for it, but you don’t want them to go unpunished. You feel neglected, because no one is updating you about happenings at work. That situation affects your mood negatively, which reflects on a relationship with your family. Your job is suffering as well, because you have lost associates’ cooperation that represented the key of your success.

To talk to an agent
If you are dreaming of having a conversation with an agent, that implies that you will change your environment. That change will suit you because your life has become too monotone. You don’t enjoy doing your everyday activities because they have become a part of your routine. It is possible that you will get a new job where you will be able to learn more, since you haven’t had a reason to invest in your knowledge on the old job.

To hire an agent
Dreaming of hiring an agent can be a sign that you have done something and you don’t want people to know about it. It is possible that you are in a secret love relationship with someone who is taken. You are afraid that people will find that out. You often think that everyone knows about your secret. You can’t relax, which will make people start doubting your strange behavior.

To pay an agent
Dreaming of paying an agent for a favor means that your hard work will pay off. You have been working on yourself for a long time and improving at work, but you feel like people don’t appreciate it enough. However, the following period will be great for you, because everything will fall into its place. You will change associates that turned out to be too traditional for your ideas. Don’t give up on everything yet, because your time is coming.

To kiss an agent
If you are dreaming of having any type of an intimate relationship with an agent, your subconsciousness is telling you that you are thinking of someone with whom you can’t be in a relationship. It is possible that one of you two is taken or that people from your surroundings would judge your relationship, which is stopping you from making a move. If you continue to listen to reason, none of it will happen and your desires will stay just a dream. However, if you start listening to your heart, you will have a reason to be hopeful.

Dreaming of a travel agent
If you are dreaming of a travel agent, your subconsciousness is telling you that you should run away from everyday worries and problems just for a moment. The past period was really hard for you regarding business and family. Many obligations and a bad financial situation are causing a lot of stress for you, but you probably can’t find a way to channel it properly.

To talk to a travel agent
If you are dreaming of talking to a travel agent, it is possible that you are just tired. You carry great responsibility on your back, because your actions affect your whole family. You are under big pressure and you just want to give up from everything sometimes, but you are aware that without your help everything would be harder for everyone. Besides that, everyone still expects that you will be there for them and that you are capable of dealing with everything. You are hurt because no one cares if you can keep on helping, since that is expected from you.

To have an argument with a travel agent
When you have an argument with a travel agent in a dream, it means that you will have an uncomfortable encounter with someone who you had a huge fight with in the past. Your relationship will still be awkward, but both of you will realize that it is time to reconcile and leave past in the past.

Dreaming of a real-estate agent
This dream suggests that you have fallen into a routine which makes your everyday life the same. If you are dreaming of a real-estate agent, it is possible that you will change a partner or a dwelling place in the future. Anyway, any of these changes will suit you, because you will finally start to enjoy life.

To talk to a real-estate agent
This dream is a consequence of critiques that you have to listen every day when you are around people dear to you. They are suggesting you to improve your social life, to go out and have fun more, or find some hobby. However, you feel like you don’t need anything more in your life right now. You like being alone or spending time with a few friends you hang out with, which is why these conversations drive you crazy.

Those who are married are arguing with their partners because they feel like you don’t give them enough attention. You feel like that is not true, because you try to do everything to make them happy. In order to overcome that have an open conversation with them. Even though you disagree about many things now, try to compromise. If you keep postponing dealing with small problems, they could turn into a real nightmare.

To argue with a real-estate agent
Dreaming of having an argument with a real-estate agent symbolizes loss. Someone you love will disappear from your life because of certain circumstances. They will probably move abroad. Despite promising to each other that you will stay in touch, you are aware that distance will affect your relationship. However, some new people will enter your life, so there is a possibility that new friendships will help you get over a loss of a dear person.

Dreaming of a sales agent
If you have recently dreamed about sales agent, you will have unexpected expenses, like a broken car or household machines. However, keep in mind that expenses can mean that you are going to a wedding or some celebration which you found out of in the last moment.

To talk to a sales agent
If you are talking to a sales agent in a dream, it is possible that you will make a decision that is going to affect the next few years of your life. If you feel like you should change something, you are probably right. Fear is stopping you from making a step forward. Even though other people advise you to make peace with your situation and be satisfied because of everything you have, if you are not happy, listen to your heart.

To have an argument with a sales agent
Dreaming of having an argument with a sales agent means that you have probably realized that you made a mistake. Avoid signing any type of contract with whose details you are not familiar completely. Even something small can be fatal if you are not careful.

Dreaming of a secret agent/spy
Dreaming of a secret agent means that you will get a very important job to do. For more interpretations of this dream, search what does it mean to dream of a spy?

If you have been in contact with a sales or real-estate agent or you’ve watched a show on this topic, it is possible that it has made an impact on you. If you do some of these jobs, then this dream shouldn’t be interpreted.

Definition of an agent

An agent is someone who mediates in various jobs. They usually have authority to represent a civil or legal entity.