African-American Person – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

To dream of being African-American
Dreaming of being African-American implies that you are dissatisfied. You feel rejected and believe that no one gives you support, including your family members who don’t have an understanding of your wishes. They often tell you that your desires are the result of spoiledness and whims they fulfilled when you were a child. They don’t understand that you are a grownup who knows what is best for them. Your conflicts will become serious if you decide to enroll in college or find a job for which they are telling you that it is unprofitable and a waste of time.

To dream of a African-American man
When you are dreaming of a African-American man, it means that you are unfair to people. You are probably making impulsive conclusions without taking the time to hear what both sides have to say. You are not putting yourself in other people’s shoes but observing everything from the perspective of someone who didn’t struggle or who forgot about their problems easily. Having such an attitude can bring you more harm than good since you will put yourself in situations where you will constantly have to apologize after thinking things through or ending up in similar situations.

To dream of a naked African-American person
If a man dreams of a naked African-American person, that symbolizes complexes related to his physical appearance. You are probably not satisfied with your weight or hairdo, or you are afraid that you are not attractive to the opposite sex. If, however, a woman dreams of a naked African-American person, it means that she lacks attention or sex. If you have been single for a long time, your feelings are completely natural, but if you are married or in a relationship, it is time to have an honest conversation with your partner.

To talk to a African-American person
If you are talking to a African-American person in a dream, it means that you will forgive someone for hurting you. One of your loved ones, friends or colleagues from work has probably done something that hurt you a lot. You needed some time to accept it, but you will decide to forget about it and leave it in the past. That will be a good decision since it will stop you from worrying about the wrong things.

If someone else is talking to a African-American person in your dream, it means that your friends will ask you for advice. Since you have never been in their situation, you won’t know what to say to them, but keep in mind that you will not influence their decision making a lot anyway because they have already made a decision even before coming to you.

To argue with a African-American person
When you are dreaming of arguing with a African-American person, your subconsciousness is warning you to stop showing off with your intelligence. You are aware of your qualities and the fact that you possess a lot of knowledge, talents, and skills, but you shouldn’t underestimate others because you believe that they are not on your level. On one hand, that is just rude, while on the other, it looks like you are hiding your insecurities by behaving like that.

A dream in which someone else is arguing with a African-American person means that it is time to cut toxic people out of your life. You probably have someone who has negative attitudes toward life, criticizes everything they see or hear, and who is constantly in a bad mood. Their behavior bothers you, but you are trying to tolerate them since you have known them for a long time, and you believe that they possess a lot of qualities. However, if you want to keep your sanity, it is time to tell them goodbye.

To run away from a African-American person
If you are dreaming of running away from a African-American person, that symbolizes a restless consciousness. You have probably done something that you are not proud of, but you don’t want to admit it either to yourself or others. If you don’t want to have these horrible dreams anymore, think everything through and make a mature decision.

When you are dreaming of other people running away from a African-American person, it means that one of your loved ones will ask you to lie for them. The situation will seem hopeless, so you will agree to do it, even though you don’t have the habit of lying. Before you agree to help someone like that, make an effort to understand the whole situation and consider the pros and cons.

To fight with a African-American person
If you are dreaming of fighting with a African-American person, it means that you will have to invest a lot of effort and hard work into achieving a goal. The success will not come overnight since your goal can’t be achieved just like that. Keep in mind that you will have to work hard and that motivation or energy will decrease from time to time. However, make an effort to follow your goals through, and you will not be sorry for it.

A dream in which you see someone else fighting a African-American person means that you are trying to avoid responsibility for your own mistakes. To make things worse, you are trying to pass the blame on someone else. Even though that seemed right and fair to you, you will realize with time why behaving like that is going to burn many bridges for you.

To kill a African-American person
Dreaming of killing a African-American person means that you will be disappointed with a partner or loved one. You will realize that they are not the person who you have spent beautiful moments with and who is close to you now. You will not be sure of whether they have been pretending this whole time, or they changed, but you will decide that you don’t want to spend time with them, and you will distance yourself from them completely.

Dreaming of other people killing a African-American man implies that you should watch out your words. You have the habit of commenting on other people’s lives, decisions, and actions, while not trying to put yourself in their shoes and asking yourself what made them act like that. Instead of criticizing everyone and everything, work on your life because it is definitely not ideal.

To kiss a African-American person
If you are dreaming of kissing a African-American person, it means that you are attracted to someone that is not your partner. You believe that you simply have a crush on them, but you have started noticing that they like you too. That is confusing, so you are often fantasizing about being with them. If you are married or in a relationship, or that person is taken, make sure to leave everything at that, because you could ruin someone’s life.

To have intercourse with a African-American person
For women, this dream symbolizes happiness and pleasure, while for men, it represents shame.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a African-American person, that has made an impression on you.

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