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Dreams of Africa are very rare. We usually dream of them after we have watched a documentary or a movie about Africa, because that has left an impression on us. Dreams that we have right after certain events shouldn’t be interpreted.

To see Africa
If you see Africa in a dream, it means that you need a change. It is possible that you want to do something that people from your surroundings find to be reckless. No matter if it is related to business or relationships with people, you will realize that the time to stop doing what makes you unhappy has come. You will be doubtful, because people around you will tell you that you are being irrational. You will be afraid of the unknown, but you know that you need to do something or you will be dissatisfied forever.

Dreaming of going to Africa
If you are going to Africa in a dream that symbolizes sacrifices. Because of a loved one, you will probably do something that you would never think of doing earlier. You will want to make them happy, so you will not think about yourself a lot. It is possible that you will be regretful in the future because of many chances that you have missed, but you will realize that you shouldn’t worry about something that you can’t change.

Dreaming of other people going to Africa
When you dream of someone else going to Africa that implies that you will say goodbye to a loved one. It is possible that your friend or a partner will move to another country for work or college. You will have a hard time with accepting that they are gone at first, but you will have to move on. This will put your relationship or friendship on a serious test, but if you pass it, you will overcome any other obstacle with ease.

Dreaming of leaving Africa
If you are leaving Africa in a dream, it means that your wish will come true. You will probably achieve great success, which will make you proud of yourself. Only you will know how much effort and hard work you have invested into it, so you will enjoy in your gain even more. You will finally be peaceful. Many things will change for the better.

Dreaming of returning to Africa
If you are returning to Africa in a dream, it also means that your wish will come true. You will be recognized for your endeavours.

Dreaming of other people leaving Africa
If someone else is leaving Africa in your dream, it means that you will not do anything for a person that has asked you for help. It is possible that you will try your best, but they will not listen to your advices. You will feel like you are wasting your energy in vain, but you won’t give up because you believe that hope still exists. You will have a hard time with accepting that you were wrong, but you will be peaceful, since you know that you have had good intentions.

Dreaming of going on a vacation to Africa
This dream suggests that you are in search of having a good time. You will probably want to relax in the following period and experience life a little bit more. You will find people that have the same plans as you, so you will go on unforgettable adventures together.

Dreaming of being on a safari in Africa
If you are dreaming of being on a safari in Africa, it means that you will get your dream job. It is possible that you will have to wait a little longer to get it, but your patience will pay off. You will not lose hope and you will write down all ideas that you came up with, which will make your superiors happy.

Dreaming of searching for Africa on a map
When you search for Africa on a map that implies that you miss something. You probably feel a void that no one except you can fill out. You are in a constant search for perfection that is impossible to reach, which is how you end up spinning in circles. You expect other people to change your life, but you are the only one who can do it. You only need to decide to take things into your own hands.

Dreaming of African slaves
To see African slaves in a dream symbolizes helplessness. It is possible that your loved one is going through a tough period in their life, but you are not able to help them. That bothers you subconsciously and you feel guilty, but you act like everything is fine. You don’t let other people find out about your problems.

Dreaming of being an African slave
If you are a slave in a dream, it means that you are doing something that will hurt you. You are probably in an intimate relationship with someone who is not giving you what you need. You are deceiving yourself with the idea that they will change, but the truth is that you are only wasting your time which will make you bitter and dissatisfied.

Dreaming of fighting with African people
If you are in a war with African people, it means that you will behave badly toward someone who doesn’t deserve it. They are probably your family members or friends and you know that they can’t get mad at you and that they will forgive you everything. You will be stressed out because of something and you will wreak anger on someone who will be next to you in that moment. Later, you will realize that you were wrong and you will be sorry, but pride won’t let you admit it and apologize.

Dreaming of other people fighting with African people
This dream suggests that you will not tolerate injustice. You will probably see a person bullying someone weaker than them, so you will stand up to them. You will not think about consequences because you wouldn’t forgive yourself if you had acted any differently.

Dreaming of talking to African people
To talk to African people in a dream symbolizes empathy. You have probably experienced many things that have changed your outlook on the world. You try not to judge anyone, or influence people from your surrounding’s attitudes in order for them to be more understanding and empathetic to others. Your moto is: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”.

Dreaming of flying over Africa
This dream suggests that you will do something unexpected. It is possible that you have planned something for a very long time, but you have been waited for the right moment to execute it. People from your environment will be surprised and they will try to reason with you, but you will decide to persist till the end, no matter what.

Dreaming of being chased by animals in Africa
Dreaming this dream implies that you will be careless. It is possible that you will do something that will harm you and people close to you. Since the damage will be huge, this experience will teach you to think carefully before making any big decisions.

To dream of moving to Africa
When you dream of moving to Africa, it means you are going through a challenging period of your life. You probably have problems in your professional, emotional, or family life. Sometime you wish to give up on everything and run away to someplace where you could start a new life. However, running is not a solution because the same worries would haunt you there, as well.

To dream that your loved one is moving to Africa
If you dream that your loved one is moving to Africa, it implies that you are afraid of losing a loved one. Someone you love might be seriously ill, or you are afraid that your partner will leave you. You might also fear losing the trust of someone you care about.

To dream of getting married in Africa
If an unmarried woman dreams of getting married in Africa, it means she fantasizes about an adventure. You might have fallen into a rut, and every day is the same for you. You are the only one who can make a change if you really want it. If a married woman has such a dream, it implies that she is happily married.

When an unmarried man dreams of getting married in Africa, it means free-spirited women attract him. You fantasize about someone of the opposite sex who is ready and crazy enough to join you on a lifetime adventure. If a married man has such a dream, it means he has found what he has been looking for for a long time next to his wife.

To dream about working in Africa
If you dream about working in Africa, it implies that you might get an idea of how to get rich. You might not gain money overnight, but your project will bring you numerous benefits.

To dream of wandering through the African desert
Wandering through the African desert in a dream symbolizes confusion. Many things have happened to you lately, and you don’t know how to react to them or what to do. You need not make big decisions overnight but give yourself time to think well about the possible consequences.

To dream of cruising around the African continent
When you dream of going on a cruise around the African continent, it means you will do something demanding and enjoy it. You will understand the meaning of the saying – choose a job you love, and you will not have to work a single day of your life.

To dream of getting lost in Africa
If you dream of getting lost in Africa, it doesn’t symbolize anything good, unfortunately. Such dreams predict a period full of challenges, problems, and worries. You have to be patient because you will need it to overcome the upcoming period.

To dream about helping the hungry and sick in Africa
Helping the hungry and sick in Africa in a dream means your conscience is guilty because you are often dissatisfied with what you have. You know you fantasize about the things you don’t need, but you don’t know how to change.

6 thoughts on “Africa – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

  1. I have dreamed of being in Africa, going to and from Africa multiple times over the past month. When I’m there I interact with the people. Sometimes I’m shopping, sometimes I’m offering assistance, last night I was abandoned at the marketplace by the group I was travelling with. The dreams are so detailed sometimes that I remember the country that I’ve travelled to ( Botswana, Ghana, Congo ect.)

  2. I find it racist as an African American male that only Africa has a bad dream meaning contrary from Iraq Israel and Asia dream meaning they all have a good connote I just wonder why black people are viewed so bad hurts so much I can’t get the knowledge I wish.

    1. I dreamed of Africa last night and I know what I dreamed was a GOOD dream. A Very good dream and a spiritual dream that I need to listen to and follow the wisdom of. I saw a great and wonderful tree in Africa and knew when i saw this tree it was The Dreaming Tree, a source of spiritual learning, growth and wisdom.

      Those who interpret poorly do so because of their own biases. Our dreams are a language of symbols shared between us, God and our subconscious. The images used to convey an idea rely on our own internal symbolism and the emotions we attach to them.

      My dream of Africa is one that embodies a holiness, a connection to my creator, a unification and a message of growth, healing and learning.

    2. I love black people. I love to live between them in Africa. I was a children teacher in Iran and always wished to teach African and enjoy being with them. Their beautiful skin, kind heart, powerful body and Black people are more gifted in spirituality regarding the Bahai faith and Abdulbaha suggested marriage of Black and White in 1900. I don’t care what closed minded say or think. But universe doesn’t see any difference in colors. It is so Stupid, childish and unmature to judge someone based on their color. All of these comes from wrong interpretation of bible from eastern to western side.


    1. Agree with you.
      I had a dream that Im in Africa, but it was not like Africa at all. I just was seeing people with a little bit difference in their look, but just streets were not fully constructed, but people were not Black but all were Tan like myself. I was actually more happier there.

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