What Does It Mean to Dream of Love Affair?

Dreaming of having an affair
Dreaming of having an affair means that you like someone. It is probably someone who you have recently met and who is according to your criterions an ideal person for you. You will make the first move and show them that you are interested in them. You will wait for an answer impatiently, but you will not rush with anything, because you don’t want to make a mistake.

Dreaming of other people having an affair
This dream implies that you are lonely. It is possible that your friends and colleagues are in long relationships or marriages, while you are the only one without a significant other. You are uncomfortable on parties because people ask you indiscrete questions, while you are slowly losing hope of ever finding a soulmate.

Dreaming of hiding a love affair
When you dream of hiding an affair, it means that you are in a relationship without strings attached. You are probably seeing someone who you like, but you are aware that you can’t have anything serious with that person. You like that you don’t have to answer to them and that no one expects anything from the other side.

Dreaming of a loved one hiding an affair
Dreaming of your loved one hiding an affair means that you are afraid of being cheated on. It is possible that you have had bad experiences in the past, which have left a trace on you, so you can’t relax now. You are insecure and you are constantly checking if your partner is honest with you. They will not like your behavior, so you will have a serious conversation which will decide the future of your relationship.

Dreaming of your friend hiding an affair
To dream of you friend hiding an affair means that you will protect someone. Someone close to you will probably confide in you and they will ask you not to tell anyone about their secret. Even though you might have troubles because of it, you will keep your promise and be ready to deal with consequences.

Dreaming of ending an affair
This dream suggests that you will have to make a tough decision. It is possible that you will distance yourself from someone who you know for a very long time, but in whose company, you don’t feel comfortable anymore. You will tell them how you feel and in spite of pressure you will not change your mind, but move bravely forward.

Dreaming of your loved one ending an affair
This dream implies that you will forgive your loved one for cheating on you. You will think about everything carefully and you will decide to fight for your relationship or marriage. You will leave past behind you and try not to torment yourself with things you can’t change. You will talk about problems more with your parent, in order not to make the same mistakes again.

Dreaming of your friend ending an affair
This dream suggests that you will be your friend’s shoulder to cry on. It is possible that they will have love problems and that they will ask you for an advice. You will tell them your opinion truthfully, even though you are aware that they will not like some things. You will have a clear consciousness, since you know that you’ve done everything the right way.

Dreaming of your parents having an affair
This dream symbolizes family problems, instability and fights.

Definition of an affair

Love affair is a love relationship that last for a short period of time.

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