To dream of committing adultery
When you dream of committing adultery, it warns of bad luck in love. You are probably not satisfied with your relationship or marriage, which affects your dreams. You will realize that you haven’t gotten to know your partner well because you idolized that person at the beginning. Your differences will be unreconcilable, and you will not manage to find a compromise in most cases.

To dream of fighting the urge to commit adultery
If you dream of fighting the urge to commit adultery, it symbolizes the fulfillment of intimate desires. You will have enough self-control not to do something you could regret in the future. You know how much your partner is worth, which that person will appreciate. You will become even closer, which will have a positive effect on your sex life as well. You will enjoy every moment and be even more determined never to hurt your partner.

To dream of adultery
Dreaming of seeing adultery warns of an argument. You will doubt your partner’s honesty, which is why you will continuously spy on that person. Even though you know deep down that you are right, you will look for evidence to confirm your fears. You will question your relationship and behavior to realize what you have done wrong, never to repeat that mistake again.

To dream about intimate moments
When you dream about sharing intimate moments with someone who is not your partner or even with a stranger, it means that you are not sure about your relationship or marriage. You often ask yourself if you have chosen the right person to spend the rest of your life with. Such dilemmas are common in every relationship, but you have to talk about it with your partner and honestly express your feelings if they last because you will create a chasm between you if you decide to ignore the problem.

To dream of catching your partner cheating
If you dream of catching your partner having sex with someone else and reacting aggressively, it symbolizes confidence issues. It probably sometimes seems to you that you are not worth the love and affection your partner gives you. Past traumas could be the cause of such insecurities. If you have a few bad relationships behind you, you are probably afraid that the current one will have the same outcome. You have to relax and enjoy what you have.

If a married woman dreams of being someone’s lover or having sex with a married man, it means that she is very excited about the upcoming event. You probably impatiently wait for something that is not coming. You will have to be patient because waiting will prolong.

When a married man dreams of having sex with a married woman, it symbolizes a lack of excitement in his current relationship or marriage. Your partner is probably not in the mood for trying out new things in the bedroom, or you are afraid to suggest something like that. You have started fantasizing about sex with someone else. A conversation with your spouse could help you solve that problem together.

If you dream of cheating on your spouse with someone else you love, it means that you have repressed your wishes because of your loved one. Your subconscious probably wants to warn you that it is time to change that.

To dream about accusing your partner of cheating on you
Dreaming of accusing your partner of cheating on you means that you have to watch out for your behavior more. You have started reacting aggressively to every criticism someone directs at you, even if it is good-hearted. You often can’t control yourself in stressful situations, which is why you are rude to the people who love you. You have to find the cause of such behavior as soon as possible because you could stay alone if you don’t change.

To dream about getting accused of cheating
A dream wherein your partner accuses you of cheating symbolizes a feeling of guilt. You have probably said or done something you want to hide from others because you are ashamed. However, your subconscious continues to go back to it. It would be best to reveal your secret to someone you trust, even if you get judged or scorned. Your mind will be at ease, at least.

To dream of hiding adultery
If you dream of cheating on your loved one and trying to hide it, it symbolizes a lack of freedom. You are probably used to being totally honest with your partner and sharing both good and bad moments, but you miss hanging out with friends and family that got put on the back burner because of it. If you want to spend time with someone, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love or respect your loved one. You have to know that relationships in which partners constrain one another don’t last.

To dream of hiding someone else’s adultery
If you dream of staying quiet about your loved one’s adultery, it means that you will be someone’s alibi. You might lie to protect a family member or friend.

To dream about a partner admitting to committing adultery
When you dream about your partner admitting to you that they have cheated on you, it means that you doubt that person too much. They have been acting strange lately, which worries you. Because of it, you have started going through that person’s phone, investigating who they hang out with when you are not together, and so on. You have made yourself feel insecure without having an honest conversation about it with your partner first.

To dream of admitting to cheating on your partner
If you dream of admitting to your partner that you have been unfaithful, it means that your loved one doubts your faithfulness. You have probably given that person a reason. You have to dedicate more affection and attention to your loved one, which will reduce the number of verbal attacks you have to face. If you go back to your old ways, you can be sure that your marriage or relationship will not last long.

To dream of admitting to being unfaithful to your loved one
If you dream of telling your family member or friend that you cheated on your partner, it means that you have a guilty conscience because you are hiding something from that person. You might have done something you are not proud of and feel the need to admit to it, but you don’t have the strength and courage for it.

To dream about telling a stranger that you are unfaithful
A dream wherein you tell a stranger that you committed adultery means that you will finally gather enough courage to say what you think about a specific situation or person. You don’t like confrontations, but you will soon snap and say everything to someone’s face.

To dream of a stranger admitting that they committed adultery
When you dream of someone you don’t know admitting that they cheated on their partner, it means that you are a very approachable person, which is why many people like you. They trust you and share their fears, wishes, and secrets with you. You have a hard time listening to other people’s problems sometimes because you have a bunch of your own.

To dream of your father admitting to being unfaithful
If you dream of your father admitting to cheating on your mother, it means that you will find out that your parents’ marriage is not the way you have imagined it. You have believed that their relationship is perfect and that your mom and dad never fight. However, the fact that they avoided arguing in front of you doesn’t mean that they agree on everything and never have conflicts.

To dream of your mother admitting to being unfaithful
If you dream of your mother admitting to cheating on your father, it means that some people you have idolized could disappoint you. You will realize that they also have flaws and that you don’t like some of their traits.

To dream about your brother or sister admitting to being unfaithful
A dream wherein one of your siblings or cousins admits to cheating on their partner means that you could hear shocking news regarding someone you know superficially. You might find out about a secret affair. However, you need not spread that information further because you know how much it will damage the reputation of people who will become the target of gossips.

To dream of your friend admitting to being unfaithful
When you dream of your friend admitting to you that they cheated on their partner, it means that you have entirely neglected your relationship with that person. You probably have many obligations and problems but not enough time to hang out with your friend. You have to give that person a call, at least if you are too busy to go out with them.

To dream about your colleague admitting to being unfaithful
This dream means that you need not participate in gossiping at work. You are a curious person who likes talking about other people. However, your curiosity could destroy someone’s life, which is why you have to be careful when spreading unverified information about others.

To dream of your boss admitting to committing adultery
If you dream of your boss telling you that they have cheated on their partner, it means that you are someone they trust, which is why that person has high hopes for you. There is even a chance that such a trait will bring you career progress.

Feelings that usually follow such dreams are curiosity, excitement, shame, insecurity, sorrow, rage, anxiety, or irritability. They are pretty common, and both men and women have them.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you are tempted to commit adultery or have already done it, it has left a strong impression on you. If you have caught your partner cheating on you, it hurt you a lot, which is why you torture yourself with such dreams.

Definition of adultery

Adultery is unfaithfulness in marriage.