Address in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

To see an address in a dream
When you see an address in a dream, it suggests that you will have guests. It is possible that you are expecting an important visit of influential people that can help you regarding business or college. They would only need to say something nice about you and you would achieve something you have dreamed about for a long time. You want them to visit you badly and you are trying to find a way to ask them for such a favor. You are getting a little bit impatient, because you want to start that job or school as soon as possible.

To find an address
If you are dreaming of finding an address, it means that you will receive a gift. It is possible that you have forgotten about that thing. You wanted it in the past, but you didn’t have an opportunity to get it then. Someone will remember you and they will make the following period nicer for you.

Dreaming of losing an address
When you lose an address in a dream that symbolizes your current state. You feel lost, while your life is taking an unfamiliar path. Many of your wishes and expectations have stayed unfulfilled. It seems to you like you have nothing to be happy about and hope for. You perceive life as a dark tunnel and you lost hope of every seeing light at the end of it. You are lonely and you think that other people don’t understand you.

To read an address
If you are reading an address in a dream, it means that you will get an immoral offer during a love encounter. It is possible that you want to attention from someone you like for a very long time now. You will succeed in that soon. Things will happen unexpectedly, so you will not be sure if you should accept no strings attached relationship with someone who is probably taken.

Reading your own address
If you are dreaming of reading your own address, you will get a call that will make you really happy. It is possible that someone from your family or friends who lives abroad will invite you to be their guest or you will decide to go on a trip on your own. A pleasant period in life is in front of you. Use it to relax and charge your batteries for future obligations that will come soon.

Dreaming of an incomprehensible address
If an address you are trying to read in a dream is incomprehensible, your subconsciousness is warning you to face a dilemma that has been bothering you for a while. This is the last chance to decide what you want to do, because your problem will not resolve on its own. You are afraid that no matter what you decide, someone you love will be hurt. However, your fears are not justified, because people close to you will show that they understand the situation you are in.

To write an address down
Writing an address down in a dream suggests that you will hear something that you don’t want to hear. You will find something out about someone you care for which could disappoint you. On the other hand, if you know the address, that news could be good and they could make you happy. Be careful of the things you say, because you have heard things about yourself many times that were not true.

To tear up an address
If you tear up someone’s address in a dream, it means that someone is trying to deceive or trick you. Be careful if you are planning on signing some purchase contract or a document about loans. Read every point carefully, because you could be sorry later. It is possible that you will end a business partnership or a love relationship because of the same reason.

You feel like someone you are in a love relationship with is not completely honest with you regarding their emotions. You think that they are with you only because of certain advantages or sex. However, those doubts can be unfair, because it doesn’t mean that every relationship will end the same just because you were burned once.

To burn your address or a familiar one
If you are dreaming of burning your address that is written on a piece of paper, it means that your life has become tedious and that your subconsciousness is telling you that you need to change that. Every day is the same, you face similar problems and obligations all the time and you feel like your love life is not that fulfilling either. It is time to figure out why you feel that way and change something, because the state you are in is not good for your mental health. Things at work or school are not great, but you don’t have enough will to move. It’s all on you. Listen to advices of your friends because they wish you well, and stop seeing every suggestion as criticism.

If you are dreaming of burning a paper with a familiar address on it, you are going to get rid of a habit that has been stopping you from achieving some goals. Whatever it may be, it is a positive thing that you have decided to change it. Make the first move and continue on. Leave past behind you, even though that has always been a problem for you. If you turn to future, everything will start happening the way you always wanted it to be.

Burning an unfamiliar address
If you are burning an unfamiliar address in a dream, it is possible that you will be in trouble. Faith will test your friendships. You will find out a secret about a good friend of yours and you will be in a dilemma on whether you should talk to them or stay quiet. Try to put yourself in a similar position and you will know what to do. If you want to have a close and open relationship with that person, don’t be hypocritical.

To destroy an address sign
If you are dreaming of destroying an address sign with your address on it that suggests that you are overwhelmed with everything that is happening to you in life, right now. You wish to change a job or finally to find one. You also want to meet new people. You are ready to start a risky love relationship just to finally feel some excitement. That is normal in such circumstances. However, start with smaller things. Change something in your home first. If that doesn’t bring you any kind of satisfaction, then open your doors for new people and a possible exciting love adventure.

If you are dreaming of destroying an address sign with an unknown address on it, you should expect a visit that will make you happy. A friend of the opposite sex that you haven’t seen in a while will contact you. Since you have had feelings for each other earlier, you will be a little bit nervous and excited before an encounter. Even though you believe that you are meeting up only as friends, you will secretly hope that it will be more than that.

If you are dreaming of destroying an address sign with a familiar address on it, it is possible that you will move to a new city or even to a different country. You are constantly thinking about changing your profession and dwelling place, because financial instability and uncertainty are giving you headaches. You believe that such a move would bring you positive changes, because you wouldn’t only get rid of problems, but you would finally find happiness as well.

Definition of an address

An address represents a dwelling place of a physical or a legal entity.

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