Adam and Eve – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Adam in dreams symbolizes truth, but also temptation, while Eve represents innocence, but also sexuality. If you dream about both of them at the same time that symbolizes balance among urges or impulses and the way we control them.

If you represent Adam and Even in a dream, it means that you are in a dilemma on whether to approach someone you are attracted to, or to wait for them to make the next move. On one hand, you are afraid of being rejected, but on the other hand you feel like they have the same feelings for you too.

Naked or dressed Adam and Eve
There is a difference in interpretation of dreams in which Adam and Eve are naked or dressed. If they are dressed in a dream that has a positive meaning. You are going to meet someone new or you will get an offer for a job in the near future. If Adam and Eve are naked in a dream, it means that you will be unfair to a friend or colleague, but not on purpose and that will torment you.

An alternative interpretation of a dream in which you see Adam and Eve
This dream symbolizes an upcoming happiness. Everything will finally fall to its place and things will move forward. You will be relieved because you will finally be able to dedicate your time to accomplishing your goals. You will have a lot of positive energy and everyone will want to be in your company. You will have a possibility to go on a trip that you have always dreamed about.

To meet Adam and Eve
If you are dreaming of meeting Adam and Eve, expect a visit from a relative or a friend that you haven’t seen in a while. You will benefit from company of people that are dear to you.

To talk to Adam
If you are dreaming of talking to Adam, it means that you will get information that will help you a lot. On the other hand, according to certain interpretations, to see Adam in a dream can mean that your enemies are preparing a trap for you, so you need to be careful.

To talk to Eve
If you are dreaming of talking to Eve that implies that your big wish won’t come true yet. You are very impatient and you want to achieve goals by using force. If you want to make progress at your job, you need to invest a lot more effort in order to perfect your skills. Your superiors see that you are capable, but you can’t do anything over night. Your wish to succeed makes you unrealistic and too critical of every step you make.

To be friends with Adam
Dreaming of being friends with Adam symbolizes a pleasant change in business. However, you need to be aware that it takes a lot or effort and work to achieve that. Even though you think that many people don’t seem to appreciate your hard work, be patient because your time is coming.

To be friends with Eve
When you are friends with Eve in a dream that is a warning that someone wants bad things to happen to you. You are surrounded with envious people who love to hear that you have problems. They twist your words and enjoy in causing inconveniences to you. That environment is making you unhappy, but you don’t have a choice. You are aware that you need to endure many unfair things, because they are people you can’t say no to.

Having a fight with Adam and Eve
Even though you are aware that you can’t force your way of thinking on anyone, you are trying to help a friend or a partner because you have good intentions. Be careful because the other side could interpret it in the wrong way. Try to recognize the moment when you should back down from that type of conversation, so that other people don’t understand your advices as preaching.

Kissing with Adam and Eve
If a woman dreams of kissing Adam, it means that a following period will be peaceful for her, but if she dreams of kissing Eve, then that symbolizes financial loss. On the other hand, if a man dreams of kissing Adam that is a sign that he is keeping some secret and he is afraid that he could reveal it on accident. If a man dreams of kissing Eve that is a sign of smaller business troubles that will not last long.

Dreaming of Adam and Eve eating an apple
The religious tale about forbidden fruit that banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden has a clear message. However, if that is happening in a dream, there is a chance that you will have a good and successful job.

Dreaming of Adam and Eve making love
This dream symbolizes a repressed sexual fantasy. You probably feel lonely or you don’t feel passion for your partner anymore. The lack of communication has distanced you, which has resulted in the absence of intimate relationships. It is time to stop thinking that everything will resolve on its own and do something. An honest conversation with your partner will help you realize if the situation you are in is temporary, or the time to decide and turn a new page has come.

Dreaming of Adam and Eve in your home
If you are dreaming of Adam and Eve in your home, an imaginary context that doesn’t suit the usual story they appear in, it has a negative meaning. Some bad event will happen to you, so take care of yourself, your partner and family members.

Dreaming of the Garden of Eden
Dreaming of the Garden of Eden symbolizes a resolution of some kind of a dilemma. You will realize what you want, which will make everything easier and simpler. You will take a huge burden of your back which will bring you needed peace, as well as better business, family and love relationships and an easier communication with people from your surroundings.

Dreaming of destroying the Garden of Eden
Even though it is quite destructive, this dream is not negative and it is interpreted according to context in which it is happening. If you are dreaming of burning the Garden of Eden out of anger, it means that you will admit to yourself that you were wrong, but you will also realize that it is not late to fix it. If destroying of the Garden of Eden gives you satisfaction, it means that you will get rid of worries that were burdening you for a long time and were stopping you from moving on.

Dreaming of other people destroying the Garden of Eden
If you dream of other people destroying the Garden of Eden, it means that you have an impression that someone is meddling in your life, but you are aware that they are doing it out of good intentions, which makes you suffer quietly and not say anything.

If you have read about Adam and Eve or watched a move about them recently, it is possible that your dream is only a result of the impression that a story has left on you.

Definition of Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve are the first people who God created. They are expelled from the Eden because of Eve’s sin.

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