Meaning of Abundance of Something in a Dreams

To dream of a plentitude of money
If you have an abundance of money in a dream, it symbolizes false hopes. There is a chance that you count on the wrong people, expecting to get recognition and prizes for your effort and hard work from them. You will realize that everyone cares about their interests only, which is why you will feel betrayed and disappointed. You will try to change your behavior, but it might be complicated to become a different person overnight.

To dream of an abundance of love
If you dream of having an abundance of love, it means that you are lonely. You probably lack attention from friends, family, or your partner to have a fulfilled life. You often question the decisions you made earlier, thinking about what would have happened if you acted differently. You will be pointlessly harsh to yourself because people don’t know in which direction life will take them.

To dream of an abundance of sorrow
When you dream of having an abundance of sorrow, it means that better days expect you. You are someone who has suffered a lot in life, and you will deservedly enjoy beautiful things that will soon happen to you. Only then will you realize the point of suffering and be grateful for what many people don’t notice or believe goes without saying.

To dream of an abundance of pride
If you dream of having an abundance of pride, it means that you will be spiteful. There is a chance that you will swear that you will not forgive someone who hurt you, even though that person has realized that they have made a mistake. It will be hard to keep that promise, but you know that you would betray yourself if you did what your heart wants.

To dream about an abundance of books
If you have an abundance of books in a dream, it means that you have an open mind. You are someone who makes an effort to seize every day because you believe that it is a waste spending it in vain. You like learning new things and hanging out with people who have similar interests and energy to yours.

To dream of an abundance of food
When you dream of having an abundance of food, it symbolizes laziness. You are someone who wants everything without investing an effort, but it gets more evident every day that something like that is impossible. If you wish to put on an old pair of jeans, you have to exercise, but if you want a diploma, you have to study, and so on. Everything requires an effort, which can’t get achieved overnight.

To dream of an abundance of kindness
An abundance of kindness in a dream symbolizes your need to help everyone around you. You can’t feel happiness and joy because of material goods deep down since spiritual things like love and gratitude for merely existing fulfill you more. You would be satisfied with yourself if you helped a charity or volunteered to be at the service of those who need it the most.

To dream an abundance of evil
If you dream of an abundance of evil around you, like a war or some pointless violence, it means that you doubt yourself and what you are. You have decided to change your habits and way of thinking to make other people like you. However, a visible consequence of such a change is your loss of identity. If you returned to yourself and loved yourself the way you are, your life would get an entirely new meaning.

To dream of an abundance of freedom
An abundance of freedom in a dream means that you don’t feel free in real life. There is something that limits and bothers you, and you don’t have the strength to deal with it. That can be something trivial like a minimum wage job or something big like your relationship with a partner or other family members. The key to good relationships is communication, not imposed attitudes and ideas. It is important to show understanding and not to expect anything less from the other side.

To dream of an abundance of fear
If you experience an abundance of fear in a dream, or you notice dread and panic in other people, it means that you are afraid for your future. You might have made a decision that will affect the course of your life, and you wonder if you have done the right thing. Another possibility is that you are afraid how the lives of your loved ones and kids will look like when you are gone. There is no reason for such dark thoughts. We can’t predict some events or stop them. If that had been possible, life wouldn’t be full of ups and downs.

To dream about an abundance of health
People whose health is in poor condition usually dream of an abundance of health. You have had a dream about something you want to happen. If a healthy person dreams of a plentitude of health, it means that you are worried or scared for the health of someone you love.

To dream of an abundance of sickness
A dream wherein you see a lot of sick people around you is a good sign. This dream usually symbolizes the opposite. You will not struggle with health problems in the future, or you will find out that someone you love has recovered. You will be able to relax and breathe after a long time.

To dream of an abundance of happiness
This dream means that you will experience beautiful moments in real life. It usually has to do something with your partner or family members. There is a chance that you will enjoy a romantic dinner with a loved one or organize a gathering with your relatives and friends. You might even throw a party or celebration like a wedding, christening, or a birthday celebration. You will gather everyone you care about in one place.

To dream of an abundance of power
If you dream of having an abundance of power or influence, it symbolizes deeply-rooted insecurities and the need to be better than other people. You compete with everyone to prove to yourself that you are above others. You have to ask yourself why you feel the need to compare yourself to the people around you and why spite is your driving force. The consequences of such deeds, whether good or bad, will not affect anyone else but you.

To dream of an abundance of poverty
An abundance of poverty around you in a dream means that you will stand up against injustice in real life. You will have a chance to decide on someone’s destiny with a group of people, but an unfavorable decision will be made by voting. You will not be able to do anything to stop its execution because you will get outnumbered. However, you will not give up easily but will continue to look for ways to help the person affected by that decision.

To dream of an abundance of friends
A dream wherein you have an abundance of friends means that you are lonely. There is a chance that it seems to you that no one understands you lately. This dream has an evident meaning for those who have been single for a long time – you long for affection and love. However, if you are married or in a relationship, this dream suggests that your relationship lacks communication and understanding. You have to talk about your feelings with a partner and try to overcome that problem.

To dream about an abundance of enemies
This dream symbolizes fear. You might have done something negative, and you are afraid that your secret will come to the surface. You are probably hiding your sins because you know that they could hurt the people you care about. The best solution is honesty in your case. You have to tell your loved ones what is going on because their reactions could surprise you.

To dream of an abundance of children
If you dream of having an abundance of kids, it implies that you want the same in real life. People who don’t have kids for some reason have these dreams usually. You might regret not thinking about them earlier or not deciding to have more kids. Anyhow, you can’t let such thoughts stop you from appreciating what you already have.

To dream of an abundance of men
If a woman dreams of an abundance of men, it means that she longs for revenge. Someone hurt you in the past, and you didn’t do anything to give them a taste of their own medicine. Such negative feelings stop you from making progress and being happy. If you continue to think about it, you will miss all the opportunities you have at your disposal now. You have to stop torturing yourself and fight for a better and more beautiful future.

To dream of an abundance of women
When a man dreams of having an abundance of women, it suggests that he is not satisfied with his love life. If you are in a long relationship or marriage, it means that you are not sure if you want to spend the rest of your life next to your partner. If you have been single for a long time, the dream has a clear message – you want that situation to change, but you are starting to lose hope of something like that happening in the future.

To dream of an abundance of cats
If you dream of having an abundance of cats, it means that you want to compensate for something you miss with your actions. For example, if you have money, you make an effort to spend it on luxury to ignore the fact that you lack love in your life. People rarely get everything in life, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop trying to fulfill our dreams.

To dream about an abundance of dogs
A dream wherein you have an abundance of dogs means that you are surrounded by loyal people. You will finally see who your true friends are and who is with you because of specific benefits. Your loved ones are those who would sacrifice their lives to help you. You have to be grateful to have an opportunity to spend your time with such people.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have one of these things in abundance, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of an abundance

An abundance symbolizes too much or plenty of something.

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