Abstinence in Dreams – Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

To abstain from something in a dream
Dreaming of abstaining symbolizes good health. You are modest in everything you do, which stands for sex as well. You are trying to lead a healthy and balanced life with a lot of physical activity. It is possible that people from your surroundings often don’t have understandings for your decisions, so they are trying to push onto you a temp that doesn’t suit you. You can’t prove to them that you know what the best thing for you is. You are often tempted to go back to bad habits, especially if you are on a diet. Your partner will resent you for dedicating more time to working out and meal preparation, instead of spending time with them and having intimate moments that you had more frequently before.

Dreaming of other people abstaining
This dream means that you long for someone. Even though you are trying not to think about it, your dreams are clearly telling you that you feel passion for someone you are not with. It is possible that they are taken, so you are in a moral dilemma, because you don’t want to do something which you will regret later. The struggle is even harder if you are married or in a relationship. It seems to you that everyone knows your secret and that it will come out. It is possible that you will do something which will give you away, if you start panicking.

To abstain from alcohol
Interpretations of these dreams depends on your relationship with alcohol. If you are disgusted even with the thought of alcohol, a dream in which you are abstaining symbolizes satisfaction with achieved goals. You are probably happy because your efforts have payed off, or you were able to finish many obligations on time. But, if you like to drink alcohol, this dream is interpreted as sadness for missed opportunities. Your laziness or fear have probably made you miss an opportunity that could provide you with a more quality life, which is burdening you even today.

If someone else is abstaining from alcohol in your dream, that symbolizes stress. It is possible that you are not good at something, which makes you frustrated and dissatisfied. You would gladly give up on everything, but you are afraid of another people’s reaction.

To abstain from cigarettes
If you are a smoker and you dream of abstaining from cigarettes, that implies that you are worried for your health. It is possible that you have felt some symptom that is connected to a long consumption of cigarettes. Anyhow, don’t diagnose yourself, but ask for help from a doctor in order to get rid of doubts. If you don’t smoke and dream of abstaining from cigarettes, you are probably in a situation where someone is resenting you for something, but you haven’t responded to them properly. Subconsciously, you are blaming yourself for not reacting the way you wanted.

Dreaming of other people abstaining from cigarettes means that you will witness a difficult situation. You will be torn between two sides and you will not know how to react. It is possible that an argument will start about something that you don’t want to talk about. Its participants will want you to take sides, which will cause extra pressure.

To abstain from gambling
Dreaming of abstaining from gambling, while being passionate about it in real life symbolizes disappointment with personal failures. It is possible that you are in a stage of life where nothing seems to go according to the plan, while you perceive it too tragically. If you however don’t like gambling, but dream of abstaining, it means that you will lose a loved one because you are taking them for granted. Your close friend or a partner will realize that you are not on the same page, so they will decide to move on without you.

Dreaming of other people abstaining from gambling symbolizes your need for excitement. It seems that you are in a rut for a while, because every day is the same, while you try to finish all your obligations on time. You want some sort of change that will bring some freshness into your life. It is possible that you will move, change a job, college or a partner. However, think well about everything and don’t make impulsive decisions beforehand.

To abstain from drugs or medications
Dreaming of abstaining from drugs or medications means that you have repressed some feelings and that you are close to revealing them to the world. It is possible that you like someone, but you are afraid of approaching them. You are especially scared of people’s reaction, because it is possible that one of you is in a relationship. In the long run, this is just a phase that you will survive without consequences, so be patient.

Dreaming of other people abstaining from drugs or medications means that you will hear good news regarding your loved one’s health. That situation is scaring you a lot, because you don’t know how to help them. However, positive solution for that problem could appear in the near future.

To abstain from food
Dreaming of abstaining from food means that you miss something in your life. It is possible that people around you think that you are living a dream, but you are not satisfied. You are aware of many worse destinies and people who would give everything to have what you do, but you are still bothered by something which makes your life restless. In order to stop stressing yourself out, dedicate your time to some hobby, because it will distract you and you will be happier and more content.

Dreaming of other people abstaining from food means that you envy someone. Even though that you are acting as their success makes you happy, deep down you know that you are jealous, because you think that you deserve it more.

To abstain from sex
Dreaming of abstaining from sex means that you are angry or disappointed with your partner. They have deeply hurt you will some actions or words of theirs, but they are not aware of it. You don’t know how to tell them that, because you are afraid of their reaction. On the other hand, if you stay quiet for too long, your communication will be disrupted. If you are single at the moment, this dream is related to your loved one.

A dream in which someone else is abstaining from sex symbolizes your ambition to achieve plans, no matter what you will have to sacrifice to do it. You are determined to get what you want, even though people from your surroundings might judge you for the methods you use.

If you are abstaining from something in the real world, interpretations of these dreams are simpler. You are projecting your need or desire in a dream, because you are suppressing it in real life.

Definition of abstinence

Abstinence represents self-restraint from satisfying natural needs, like needs for food and sex, because of religious and ritual prohibitions.

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