Abnormality Dream Meaning

Interpretations of dreams regarding abnormality can involve feelings of fear, guilt, pain, but also pleasure, love and gratitude. People that have dreams like that are emotional or lonely, but they are usually aware that they have let other people take control over their lives.

When you dream of having some unspecified abnormality, that is a sign that your worries will stop. It is possible that you are burdened with problems that have left a deep mark on your subconsciousness. Worries don’t let you to even get rest or have a nice sleep. The good thing is that they are almost over. You will be able to relax and live a normal life again.

Dreaming of someone else having some deviation
If someone else has a deviation in your dream, it means that you will take care of someone who has health problems. Someone from your family is probably facing some short-termed illness. That can even be a simple flue. People will expect from you to help that person. Even though you have many obligations, you are aware that you will have to find time to dedicate yourself to a loved one who needs your help.

Dreaming of any type of abnormality (an alternative interpretation)
Dreaming of any kind of abnormality can mean that you have a hard time with accepting changes that are currently happening to you. However, keep in mind that a change doesn’t have to be negative. Positive events are waiting for you in the future. If you are unemployed, you might have an opportunity to get a good business offer.

Dreaming of having abnormalities on your body
If you have dreamed about your body being too large or too small, it is possible that you subconsciously worry about how people from your surroundings perceive you. The same meaning can be applied if you have dreamed about your body being distorted. When you dream of having a large or small nose, it means that your everyday life is chaotic. It is time to stop and organize your time better. If you have dreamed of having a distorted face, it means that you should avoid fights and arguments.

Dreaming of abnormal items
If you are dreaming about some strange item, your subconsciousness is telling you that you think that everything that is happening to you right now is wrong and unbalanced. Relationships regarding family, school or work seem to you like they have gone sour. That situation makes you nervous, but your subconsciousness is telling you that you can’t control everything.

Dreaming of a strange country
If you are dreaming of being in some strange country, it means that you have an important decision to make. You have to open up to people regarding your emotions. Some bad and traumatic experiences don’t let you show other people who you really are. You have to be aware that everyone is not the same and that relationships don’t have to end up tragically.

Dreaming of deviant people
Dreaming of abnormally large or small people, or people that have some strange physical or psychological trait means that you should think carefully about your future moves. You will be able to overcome an upcoming challenge only if you use logic and turn off your emotions, without fear that you will hurt someone.

Dreaming of deviant animals or beings
Dreaming of excessively large or small animals or some kind of beings suggests that you have done something wrong or inappropriate. Be kind to your loved ones, because your honesty or harshness could affect them negatively.

Hearing strange noises in a dream
If you hear strange noises in a dream, your subconsciousness is telling you that you still haven’t accepted something that you have recently found out, which has surprised or shocked you. This can mean that you are maybe hiding something from your partner of family members, because you are afraid of their reaction.

Definition of abnormality
Abnormality is something that doesn’t fit the norm. It is some kind of irregularity or deviation.

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